Mobiliis Client appThe Mobiliis security system is a new, efficient and cost effective way for companies and clients to monitor their guards.  Mobiliis operates on android phones so requires no additional hardware, installation, manufacturing, distribution or maintenance.

Imagine how useful it would be to send your guard an sms every 15, 30 or 60 minutes throughout their shift AND requiring them to respond within 45 seconds AND making sure they are on site at the start and end of their duty.

We think that would be extremely useful but what a lot of hassle!

The Mobiliis security system automates the whole process.  It will send the guard a notification at pre-set intervals and provide the guard an opportunity to respond with a single tap on a countdown.  If the guard responds before the end of the countdown the system does nothing further until the next alert.  If however, the guard fails to respond the client (optionally) receives a notification indicating a missed guard alert.  All records are stored in the client app and in the backend.

In addition to this each guard has a photo in the client app, as well as guard and supervisor phone numbers, all of which are automatically updated as guard rotas change.

Screenshot 2019 01 11 101206The Mobiliis system uses 2 android apps, one for the guard and one for the client, as well as a 'backend' for managing the apps.

Security companies are able to add guards, clients, client locations and all other details needed to utilise the system.

Currently we are inviting users to get access to the system for testing purposes. 

There will be NO CHARGE to users for this. 

Anyone interested in testing the system is welcome to complete the registration form

For trialing purposes, only two android phones are needed, whether there is an actual guard or not.

After the form is submitted the user will receive an email with a link that must be clicked on to confirm the email address is correct.  After that step we will add the submitted details to the backend and send instructions on where and how to access the apps, and how to use them.

Once registered triallers will also be able to log in to this website and post comments and questions in our user forum.